This is Sara Deas, Senior Designer for AK Design Group

Senior Designer Sara Deas has worked at AK Design Group for over ten years, beginning with an internship back in 2007. She appreciates that she gets to use her creativity in different ways for every new project that comes her way. From selections to drawing, and so much more, all of her various responsibilities keep things interesting. (No Groundhog’s Day here!)


Sara has had the opportunity to work closely with Andrea as the lead designer on many exciting projects, but two high-profile projects are especially memorable and significant for the Company. First, was the DoubleTree Hotel in Charleston, South Carolina which was eventually awarded “Hotel Conversion of the Year” by the Hilton Worldwide Development organization. (This hotel was originally designed by AK Design Group as a Holiday Inn 10 years earlier!) 


Her other favorite project was a new-build Hampton Inn & Suites in El Segundo, California. The Douglas Aircraft Company, which was one of the major aircraft manufacturers in California during WWII, was located near the hotel site. As a nod to the historical significance of Douglas Aircraft Company, Sara sourced a vendor that restored an antique wooden DC-3 Style Aircraft Propeller, and then had it installed in the hotel lobby on top of a hand-drawn mural of a DC-3 airplane.


While her personal design style is diverse, Sara is open and receptive to what her clients want, and she makes sure that ongoing communication throughout the project is a top priority. She often pulls design inspiration from the local area, researching the existing environment and local art. Even her children chime in with what they notice around them, which has certainly sparked creative ideas for Sara.


A native Memphian with an interior design degree from the University of Memphis, Sara loves to do just about anything that lets her spend quality time with her husband and their three kiddos. Traveling together is at the top of their list. Sara also enjoys traveling for work and is super excited about a business trip to Italy with other designers which will include a factory tour at a tile manufacturing facility.