This is a picture of Lauren Barsotti, Senior Designer at AK Design Group

Senior Designer Lauren Barsotti has worked at AK Design Group for several years now, having started as a spry intern in May 2012, while earning her interior design degree from the University of Memphis. She’s super grateful that co-owner Andrea took her under her wing when she first began her career. Now Lauren is enjoying the opportunity to pay it forward by coaching junior designers and design interns who join the firm.


Lauren loves working with clients who have faith in her design expertise and give her the freedom to do what she does best: create beautiful spaces. Lauren has become a pro at packing her patience as many projects take years to complete. Her favorite part of her job is seeing a long-term project come full circle—from initial meetings and design plans to when the design finally gets installed.


One project that sticks out in her mind provided Lauren with an awesome challenge and learning opportunity. Tasked with creating a renovation foundation package for a portfolio of four Hilton Garden Inn hotels, Lauren worked closely with Andrea and the Client to select cohesive finishes and furnishings - while including customized details that fit each hotel’s unique location. Tucson, AZ... Dallas, TX... Savannah, GA... and Hilton Head, SC, could not be more different! Under aggressive deadlines, and with a project scope that expanded significantly along the way, Lauren nailed it! The client was thrilled and became a repeat customer at AK Design Group during the next year’s renovation cycle.


Lauren can thank her parents for helping her on the path to a creative profession. They owned a floral shop when she was a child, which is when Lauren’s creativity really began to bloom. Now she’s also inspired by her travels to places like Europe and Mexico. Lauren loves listening to music and spending as much quality time as she can with her family—especially hanging out and traveling with her husband.