1.Why the name change from AK Design Studio to AK Design Group?

2.What's with the mathematical compass in your company logo?

2.a What do you mean by "prototype-inspired" design? FIRST BLOG POST

3. What does NCIDQ stand for, and why does it matter?

4. Why not just hire a procurement company to do my hotel design?

5. What makes AK Designs different?

6. What should I expect the design fee to be for my project?

7. Can AKDG provide photo-realistic renderings for sales collateral to be used in my hotel's pre-opening or re-opening?

8. Can AKDG help me with my brand waiver request?

9. What product vendors do you specify and why?

10. Can AKDG provide purchasing services for my project?

11. Is mickey mouse a dog or a cat?

Sterling, what would you want to see here? What do you think a prospective designer or client might want to know about our business?

Some Questions:

Services Offered?

Who would be involved throughout the process?

Why choose us?...(Expertise within design, certifications and qualifications, numerous successful projects throughout the U.S. & Canada